ATELIER SONJA KANNO • OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE Abstract Paintings & Ceramic Art by Sonja Kanno In this online store, you can find small-scale paintings, ceramics, art prints and other original works by Sonja Kanno. These small-scale works are exclusively available at the official online store, and in some cases at selected galleries, shops and boutiques in Japan. Larger scale artworks are only available during exhibitions and via the respective art gallery. ABOUT THE ARTIST Sonja Kanno is a German painter and ceramic artist, living and working in Japan. Kanno’s work is deeply inspired by the transitoriness of nature, such as the seasonal color change of the foliage and the transforming shapes of mountains and valleys over time. Since she moved to Japan, Kanno has been exploring the local gardens and forests with their vast variety of shapes and colors, which are reflected in the colors and in the compositions of her paintings and ceramic works. Artist Website: www.atelierkanno.com Artist Journal: www.atelierkanno.com/artist-journal